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    Aaron Sanders
    City, State Delivery was on time as promised, filters came nicely packaged and are good quality. Would highly recommend!
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    Emily Rosentroup
    Erin, Ga Heard about this service from a friend, thought it was silly until I asked my husband when the last time he changed the filter was. He said he'd forgotten all about it and after checking it, found it almost completely black! I decided I could no longer rely on my husband to remember when to change the filters and that I would take my friends advice and sign up. Filters now arrive at my door every 3 months, and It reminds me to change the filters.
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    Gallatin, Tn Filters are good quality, never had a problem buying my own from the store, or remembering to change, but if honest, I feel like this is much more convenient since it's one less thing I need to think about.
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    Mike Edwards
    Gallatin, Tn We have been using Clear Choice for about a year now, long before they even opened up online. The quality is the same or better than I found in the stores, but often cheaper AND I don't have to worry about forgetting anymore since they deliver them on time to my home. Highly recommend to those like me who like the convenience of home delivery items.
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    Crystal Hawthorne
    Brentwood, Tn We recently purchased our home and the prior owners were using Clear Choice for their filter needs. Never thought about a subscription air filter service, but after hearing about it I think it's genius. Would recommend to anyone.
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    Allen Carter
    Franklin, Ky Filters are good, shipping was on time, customer service was very helpful when I called to change address. Overall great company, you have a life long customer!

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